European npm mirror

Hi! I'm the European npm mirror. I'm based in Hetzner's datacenter in Germany. I'm maintained by Maciej MaƂecki.


npm --registry install express

Please note: publishes to this registry do not work.

npmrc makes switching between various registries easy.

Speed comparison

From Amsterdam, Netherlands, on a 50 Mbps connection:
$ time npm install forever
real	1m35.686s
user	0m5.387s
sys	0m1.813s
$ time npm install forever
real	0m8.969s
user	0m4.963s
sys	0m1.664s


You're welcome to replicate from the European mirror.

To set up continuous replication from, put the following document into your CouchDB's _replicator database:

  "_id": "",
  "source": "",
  "target": "registry",
  "continuous": true,
  "create_target": true,
  "user_ctx": {
    "name": "<CouchDB admin account name>",
    "roles": ["_admin"]

More details about CouchDB's _replicator can be found in its documentation. Make sure to also check out its configuration options.